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Ballistic Products carries Multi-Hull and Fiocchi brand 3. 1(888)273-5623 ... all lengths / 20 gauge 3" hulls ... Federal 20ga 3 new/primed hull (100/bag) Item ...

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20 Gauge. Best Sellers. Sail Needle #14.12Gauge-20Gauge Shotgun Adapters For 3″ as well as 2.75″ 12 and 20 Gauge shotgun adapters are our most popular adapters followed closely by the 410. It works, but the chamber is just a little tight. I had hand loaded some Fiocchi 2 3/4 low-brass hulls and they're a little tight in the chamber.Find what you need in six easy steps. Select your gauge from the drop-down list. Then select your shell, load type, shot weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. Click "Get Data" to view results.

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Federal 20 Gauge 3 Inch 1oz Black Cloud High Velocity 25/Box $19.99 ($0.80 / round) After rebate: $14.99 ($0.60 / round) Notify Me When Available; Brand: Federal ...

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You can get 2 3/4" Hevi-Shot in 4s or 6s. If you want lead, the various 1 1/8 oz 2 3/4" "Magnum" loads would be where I'd look. Federal still lists a copper plated load and Remington has the unplated Nitro Mags.

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Mar 12, 2012 · I have 3 boxes of shothell hulls for sale. As far as I know they are all once fired, mostly range pickups. I had collected them in the hopes of starting reloading but that fell thru. I have: 1 large USPS flat rate box with 400 12 gauge Federal hulls $45 shipped 1 medium USPS flat rate box with 290 misc 12 gauge hulls $30 shipped 125 Winchester ...

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Winchester Super-X High-Brass 20 ga 2 3/4" 1 oz #8 - 25/box. The Winchester Super-X High Brass line of ammunition offers five different gauge sizes - 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge, and .410 gauge so there is something for every hunter. These premium-level shotshells deliver a up to a 1 7/8 ounce payload and are loaded with size #4, 5 ...

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Внутренний диаметр. Толщина стенки. Gauge (G). дюймы. мм.Their reloading life is not great maybe 3 or so and the Euro hulls do some times give extraction issues in tube sets. You can put some bucks up and buy the BPI / Gualdina Wads or some Federal 28S1 they have a better fit but I have had fine performance with the AAHS clones even with a dense powder like 20/28.

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BPI HULL FEDERAL PRIMED 10ga 3.5" 20mm 50/B 10/C . $32.99. Out of stock. Item #: BPI0621035 ... Magtech Brass 20 Gauge Unprimed Box of 25 . $24.79. Out of stock. Item ... When loading shotgun shells, the wad is a crucial part to create a finished round of ammunition. We have wads for 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge shotguns from Winchester available at Wholesale Hunter. In Stock 20 Gauge Ammo. New Feature! Automated Used Gun Listings. Federal Premium Game-Shok Game Load Shotshells 20 Gauge Grain SKU:1894061.

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Have you ever thought why 20 gauge shells are yellow and no other gauge is produced with yellow hulls? The color yellow has been reserved for 20-gauge ammunition. This ammunition shall have a body tube that is primarily yellow. Yellow shall not be used for any other gauge/bore shotshell body.Features of Federal F2033B Power-Shok 20 Gauge 2.75 20 Pellets 3 Buck Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs. Triple Plus wad system provides better shot alignment; Granulated plastic buffer keeps pellets uniform in shape; Tight downrange patterns

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Federal Power-Shok 3-Inch Buffered #2 Buckshot 18 Pellets F207 2B, $6.46/5 Priced at $1.50 a round at MidwayUSA.com, this is a standard 3-inch magnum 1100 fps loading with 18 pellets, recommended for use with medium sized game like deer and antelope. It also makes a great defensive-ammo choice. DownRange Manufacturing, makers of premium shotgun wads. (402) 463-3415

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The new Federal Premium 3rd Degree 20-gauge turkey load was announced at the SHOT Show today. Full disclosure: I haven't shot this new 20-gauge option yet, but know plenty of turkey hunters who will this coming spring gobbler season.At Federal®, we not only build the industry's widest variety of ammunition, we offer the leading products for every facet of the shooting sports.

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Federal Bismuth Ammunition 20 Gauge Box 3" #3 Bismuth Shot 1-1/8 Ounce 1350 fps Federal Bismuth Ammunition 20 Gauge Box 3" #3 Bism... Our Low Price $81.17 QuickView Dark Red Burgundy Empty 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells Used Casings Fired 12GA Hulls Spent Cartridges Federal Gold Medal Maroon Qty 10 Pcs - FREE SHIPPING Regular price $8.95 Federal 20 Gauge 3" #2 : Find out which online Ammo Shop has the best price, in-stock, right now. We were unable to locate any online retailers with Federal 20 Gauge 3" #2 Ammo in stock at this time.

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Ballistic Products carries the top brands in 20 gauge hulls, including: Fiocchi, Federal, and our very own Multi-Hull brand. All available in 2-3/4.

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Внутренний диаметр. Толщина стенки. Gauge (G). дюймы. мм.Federal Premium Vital-Shok Buckshot uses copper-plated pellets to produce tight patterns and great downrange energy. It also puts more hits on target for impressive stopping power on predators, hogs and deer. Specifications and Features: Gauge: 20 Gauge; Type: Buckshot; Length: 2.75" Ounces: 20 Pellets; Shot Size: 3 Buck; Muzzle Velocity: 1175 fps

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Federal Federal 20 Gauge Ammunition Upland FRH204 2-3/4" 4 Shot 1oz 1170fps Case of 250 Rounds. No reviews yet Write a Review ...